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Case studies

Real results for the world's leading employers.

From unicorn start ups to Fortune 500 companies, Digital Affair's clients are among the world's most attractive employers.

For almost 10 years, we've helped to build some of the most sought after employer brands, drawing on our unparalleled experience and insight.

Working across 12+ countries and counting, our unique services continue to be sought out around the world.

Learn more about some of our winning solutions below.

Engineering EVP activation campaign

Over 900 engineers hired in 12 months

1.4 million+

advertising impressions

140% increase

in Engineering hires

Commonwealth Bank is in a phase of enormous growth across its engineering, tech and digital talent.

Having recently produced a segmented EVP for engineering, Digital Affair was engaged to run a large-scale integrated launch campaign, aiming at educating and attracting engineering professionals.

Using video, written articles and display advertising, the campaign targeted engineers across a wide variety of channels including LinkedIn, SEEK and YouTube, as well as niche engineering communities such as Stack Overflow and GitHub. 

Covering the full marketing funnel, the campaign was hugely successful in raising awareness of CBA as an employer, educating candidates about CBA’s offering and converting a huge number of candidates to apply for open roles. 

Click here to watch the video.

Diversity and inclusion 

Developing Australia’s first Indigenous EVP

Qantas is one of the world’s leading long-distance airlines and one of Australia’s most iconic brands.

Over the last 5 years, Digital Affair has been engaged to research, define, develop, activate and manage Qantas’ EVP - including multiple diversity segmentations and campaigns.  

During this time, Qantas was elevated to Randstad’s #1 Most Desirable Employer.

Award-winning EVP 

Winner of Excellence in Employer Branding 2020

Digital Affair partnered with Australia's No.1 residential and commercial property website to develop an EVP unlike any other. 

The Internal Talent Acquisition Awards recognised this innovation by awarding our “Experience REA” EVP as the winner of their Excellence in Employer Branding Award in 2020.

We are Women in Technology

Telling and sharing the stories that showcase CommBank's diverse talent

In order to help attract more women into tech roles across CommBank, we produced a video to share the experiences and perspectives of both senior and emerging women in engineering, cyber security, data and more.

Through these stories, we helped to break the stereotypes of working in a traditionally male-dominated industry while highlighting CommBank’s inclusive and supportive culture. 

Click here to watch the video.

An ever-evolving EVP

A new office is just the beginning…

As Australia's leading home improvement and hardware retailer, Bunnings is an ever growing and evolving organisation with a broadly diverse and dispersed culture. 

In 2017 the Digital Affair team researched and developed Bunnings' first EVP and an activation strategy to embed the work across their candidate experience. Seen as intrinsically valuable to the Talent Acquisition team's ability to engage with candidates, the EVP was adopted across the organisation and used to great effect. 

In 2021 after the world's workplaces were fundamentally changed forever and with a new head office about to open in Melbourne, the Bunnings talent team turned to the Digital Affair team once again to reimagine a Team Member Value Proposition that could capture and share the story of all this change.

At Digital Affair we know how much even the most established businesses can change in a short span of time. That's why we're committed to being the long-term custodians of the Employer Brands we represent. 

Our first PVP

Developing an all-inclusive purple proposition for a trans-Tasman PX

The IAG People Experience team asked Digital Affair to bring a fresh approach to a new challenge. In a post-covid world with employees and candidates increasingly disconnected from workplace culture, how could we create a value proposition that was as effective for employee engagement and retention as it was for Talent Acquisition? 

Our solution was to create our first People Value Proposition. Designed to align with the IAG Purpose and "IAG Way”, with an all encompassing set of messages that spoke to every part of the IAG people experience. We specially designed toolkits and an internal activation strategy to bring the whole organisation on the PVP journey. 

Localised EVP & activation campaign


advertising impressions

22% increase

in careers website visits

KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, employing almost 60,000 people around the world. 

In 2020, we were engaged to research and define a localised EVP for the ANZ region and activate that EVP through external content and internal advocacy and training. The new EVP was launched through a sponsored and organic social media campaign as well as through updated content across KONE’s candidate touch-points.

To maximise the launch, we coincided this work with a consumer marketing campaign promoting a new product line. This enabled us to leverage marketing’s sponsorship budget and capitalise on KONE’s increased brand awareness and activity in the market.

The campaign was a huge success, driving thousands of visits to KONE’s careers website and job ads, as well as raising awareness of KONE as an employer of choice among industry professionals and employees at key competitor organisations. 

Through internal training and advocacy, KONE experienced an increase in employer-generated content on LinkedIn, as well as a 30% increase for KONE’s Glassdoor rating among Australian employees. 

Snap, crackle & pop. It's a family favourite 

Localising the EVP for one of the world's most recognisable brands

Digital Affair partnered with Kellogg's across ANZ to research and develop an EVP that better represented the organisation's culture and people in the region. It's a common challenge for us when working with brands that have tried to apply a global approach to their Employer Branding. Having such strong consumer brands influencing awareness and engagement locally, the Kellogg's leadership team wanted a more authentic voice to connect with talent. 

In addition to developing an EVP with segmented messages for both the Product and Manufacturing teams, the Digital Affair team produced day-in-the-life video content with Kellogg's brand ambassadors for use across the brand's various social media channels. 

More than the job, it’s the lifestyle

Showcasing the regional town where miners can be home for dinner

Newcrest Mining is one of the world’s leading gold miners, with sites in regional and remote communities around the world. 

One of their largest operations is just out of the NSW town Orange, with most of the mine’s workforce living a 15 minute drive from the site. Given miners are typically required to fly in and out from sites or live in extremely remote areas, being able live in a desirable region and be home for dinner each night is a unique proposition.

As part of a broader EVP and talent attraction project, Digital Affair produced a series of videos that highlighted this attractive lifestyle, both profiling the region itself as well as telling the real stories of Newcrest employees who have taken advantage of the additional time for family and activities that is so rarely afforded in the mining industry. 

Click here to see how we brought this to life.

Unprecedented times,
creative solutions 

Producing employee-generated content during Covid lockdowns

While Covid put a lot of things on hold, the need to attract new talent across the banking industry remained in full swing. CommBank presented us with a unique challenge – to produce new video content for an upcoming recruitment campaign while in lockdown.

With borders closed and working from home the new norm, we decided to create a video using only employee shot phone video clips sourced from team members around the country. 

This allowed us to not only produce new content without leaving the home office, but also give a genuine insight into how people at CommBank are working today. From video calls on the kitchen table, to juggling home schooling or making time for home workouts, we were able to capture it all in engaging and authentic video. 

Click here to watch the end result!

Highest engagement among super funds

7x higher

LinkedIn engagement rate compared to platform benchmark

200% increase

in quality of applications

Cbus is one of Australia's largest public offer industry superannuation funds. Over several years the Digital Affair team has worked with the Cbus Talent Acquisition team to develop and optimise a candidate experience that makes use of our full suite of specialist services, including developing the Cbus EVP, producing monthly content and running Brand Ambassador Training sessions.

Over our time partnering with the team at Cbus and driving Employer Branding capability, we were able to elevate the fund's Employer Brand to be the most highly engaged with employer in its category online, as well as increasing quality of hire and various recruitment outcomes. 

Raising awareness of an Aussie unicorn

Developing the EVP for an unsung Emmy Award Winner.

If you own a pair of headphones or have ever attended a rock concert you've likely heard Audinate's technology. But, unless you work in audio networking, you've probably never heard of Audinate. 

Audinate is yet another amazing Australian tech success story to have reached unicorn status. Yet, their employer brand is relatively unfamiliar to the average person, even though most of us experience their products every day. 

Like many fast growing tech companies, Audinate had scaled so fast it needed to build up its Employer Brand awareness to meet growing recruitment demands, so Digital Affair was engaged to develop this truly unique EVP.

Uncovering the untold stories of great Australian tech companies is a passion of ours and working with Audinate gave us another opportunity to learn about and share an incredible, Emmy Award winning story. 

Food & Beverage brand strategy

Building equity in an overshadowed Employer Brand

No 1 Employer

on LinkedIn's Most Attractive

4 year journey

across the candidate experience

After inheriting an Employer Brand that was experiencing extremely low awareness, legacy digital issues and a need to understand and improve Talent Acquisition ROI, the team at Digital Affair took Lion on a journey to becoming number 1 on LinkedIn’s Most Attractive Employer list, where previously they had not ranked in the top 20. 

Over the course of several years we designed and worked through a brand strategy to define and develop Lion’s EVP and tackle a common challenge among parent companies – establishing a voice for an Employer Brand that was relatively unknown and somewhat overshadowed by its many and varied consumer brands, especially online. 

Developing the People and Culture team’s EVP, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition Reporting, we ticked all the boxes at Lion and set the team up to be one of the most innovative recruitment advertising teams in the world, by achieving huge cost savings and outperforming global competitors through online engagement. 

Talent mapping

Regional insights & competitor analysis across Asia

200+ trained

in regional TA team

7 countries

researched & talent mapped

Citi, the third largest banking institution in the United States, engaged Digital Affair to boost its Talent Acquisition knowledge across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines. 

To achieve this, we first conducted internal and external talent pool research within Retail Banking, Institutional Banking and Technology communities across the APAC region to map talent insights that could be used to inform and improve recruitment strategy and outcomes. 

The research findings were then delivered to the teams through a series of interactive online training sessions. 

The work and outcomes were a first for the organisation globally and Employer Branding activity has increased across the region.  

Talent insights

Mapped North American retail talent for 50+ store openings

Aesop, an Australian retailer and manufacturer of premium skin care products, commissioned Digital Affair to map North American Retail Talent ahead of expansion into the U.S market.

The Talent Acquisition team had 24 months to open and staff 50+ stores across the U.S and needed insights to inform advertising and sourcing campaigns.

The resulting research, findings and recommendations enabled Aesop to effectively source and engage the right talent in a new and highly competitive market.

These examples give a snap-shot of the breadth of insights Digital Affair’s research team was able to distil from over 20 online sources and using various licensed software analysis tools.

Complete with Executive Summaries, this project was delivered to the TA team, Head of HR and Chief Operating officer.

Employer brand marketing

800% increase

in number of applications

75% increase

in number of hires

The Warehouse Group is New Zealand’s largest retail group, employing over 12,000 people across six core brands and 260+ stores.

Digital Affair was engaged to run a social media campaign aimed at attracting Retail Store Managers in the UK to work in New Zealand.

A similar campaign had been previously run by another agency without success. Our optimised targeting and creative saw an 800% increase in number of applications, resulting in a 75% increase in the number of hires and a talent pool full of candidates for ongoing talent demands.

We’ve since worked with TWG on numerous campaigns.

Burst recruitment campaigns

24 hour set up

from campaign request to live in market 

Ongoing & recurring

15+ campaigns delivered in first 7 months of service offering

ALDI Australia has engaged Digital Affair to run a high volume of burst campaigns to assist with their recruitment demands around the country. 

The campaigns operate on a small budget and typically run for 2 weeks, using a mix of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to attract in-store retail candidates. Many campaigns target users in regional areas around Australia where recruiters struggle most. 

Using duplicated campaign templates and a well-defined process, we are able to have campaigns live in market within 24 hours from when a request is raised and can manage several campaigns at any one time.

The campaigns have been hugely successful, often performing 2x higher than platform benchmarks and helping ALDI meet their recruitment demands. Their ongoing nature has proven to be a strong recurring revenue stream for Digital Affair.

Indiana Jones gets a job at Jurassic Park

Focus groups in a gold mine, inside an active volcano, on a jurassic island, in the middle of the pacific ocean...

Papua New Guinea is a place few get to visit, let alone Employer Branding agencies! 

Partnering with the world's leading gold miner, Digital Affair had a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Island of Lihir to conduct EVP research and experience one of the most unique employment opportunities on the planet. 

An adventure to even reach, Newcrest's mining operation on Lihir is considered one of the most extreme and isolated working environments in the world. The entire operation is quite literally inside an active volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Working with the local HR team, members of the Indigenous workforce and Geologists, we researched and developed an EVP and TA Toolkit to attract talent looking for a career adventure akin to an Indiana Jones quest for buried gold. That is to say, this job is not for everyone, but the Holy Grail for others. 

This EVP was activated along with similar work done for Newcrest's other operations in Cadia, New South Wales and Telfer, Western Australia, through content and campaigns aimed at mining industry talent around the world. 

So if you're wondering how far we'll go for our clients, here's your answer.

Website build

Brand Architecture in physical and virtual form:

New identity, website and even physical machine design

Syft are the world leaders in real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry. Founded in 2002 in Christchurch they were typical of a number off Origami clients in the tech space in that they had extraordinary technology and product capability, but struggled to be able to articulate or communicate well why they were so good.

With tech clients, our ‘Right First, Brilliant Second’ approach has proven exceptionally valuable. In part because their product offering is often built on a brilliant piece of technological inventiveness that is all but impenetrable for those of us who are not the engineers who built it. However good the tech is, the true value of the offer is often lost in the jargon, the technical excitement and complexity of the solution that has been designed.

Having helped develop their Brand Architecture, Origami continued to work with Syft to design a new brand identity, look and feel, build their website, including the content explaining technical wizardry, and even were invited to work with the product design team to bring the new identity to life in their new machines.

When consistency is key

Private equity parents, 4 iconic brands and hundreds of franchise partners. Let's unscramble some eggs!

Throughout 2022 and 2023 the Digital Affair team have been working on solving a common problem among retail brands that operate under a  franchise model - How do you get hundreds of independent business owners to represent the same brand and provide the same candidate experience, consistently?

Working directly with the Executive team and 4 CEOs we drove a top down approach to defining and sharing an EVP that could coexist among multiple retail brands and their franchise owners, all whilst simultaneously representing the vision of a head office culture that is quite different to its retail frontline.

It took a lot of leadership advocacy and clear communication with franchise owners, but in the end we've created Craveable Brand's first group-wide EVP, designed to evolve as they acquire more Aussie QSR icons in the future.

The whole package…

Operating as a virtual team with our clients

Branding positioning

Identity design

Campaign activation

Alongside the brand and marketing strategy, and design work was the formation of the business partnership of Origami with Ando which saw the creation of a single marketing/agency team led by Origami Partner, Chris Knox – acting in the CMO role for Ando and sitting on the executive team. This partnership also extended to Origami taking a shareholding interest in the business to further cement its commitment to the one team concept and to put “it’s money where its mouth is” approach to assisting with the building of Ando’s business success.

After seven years Ando is a runaway success by any measure. Now writing nearly $400m of insurance premium, employing over 300 staff and as a result, well positioned in the NZ insurance market to carve out a very strong future.

B2B customer marketing

Translating brand architecture into customer marketing campaign

In 2014, TVNZ was facing perhaps the biggest challenge in its history as the global digital media giants threatened the relevance and dominance of domestic free to air TV. TVNZ had seen their share of media revenue fall and their On Demand service had not got traction.

At a time when media buyers and advertisers were beginning to question the long-term relevance of free to air TV networks, TVNZ asked Origami for help.

Origami’s response was twofold. First, they helped simplify TVNZ’s brand architecture to the TVNZ Masterbrand which not only strengthened and improved the efficiency of communicating the brand but enabled the TVNZ On Demand sub-brand to benefit from closer association with the mothership.

The second pillar of Origami’s response was to develop a comprehensive trade marketing plan for TVNZ, the flagship of which was the creation of a thought leadership event called the TVNZ Forecast Series. Now in its 8th edition, the Forecast series offers brand owners and advertisers insight into NZ’ers lives that could not be offered by a media company that was not so connected and part of the fabric of NZ.

Hosted by Nigel Latta, the Forecast Series is now established as a critical part of the annual media calendar.

Brand Architecture makes everything more ‘beautiful’

Focus on our customers and brand promise

Our challenge was to help Sanford realise their ambition to represent the best seafood in the world. Clearly we couldn’t help much with the quality of the fish… that was in their court, but we could help Sanford understand exactly what they had, the promise they could make and the best way to express that.

After visiting customers in all corners of the globe we were able to fully understand how Sanford’s passion for seafood could connect with customers’ desire for a supplier delivering the very best form the best resource in the world.

We created an internal engagement program and completely new brand identity to live the essence of “Uncompromising Care”. NZ’s pristine resource plus uncompromising care = Sanford, Beautiful New Zealand Seafood.

Identity and name development

Disrupting an established market by creating a new challenger brand

It seems difficult to imagine the telecommunications scene in New Zealand without 2Degrees as a major brand – so established is it now in the minds of Kiwis. But when NZComms asked for Origami’s help to launch their new challenger mobile network in 2008, it didn’t even have a name.

The team at NZComms knew that the NZ mobile duopoly could be disrupted; they had a mobile license and plans to build a network to challenge Telecom and Vodafone, but had got stuck on how that should be positioned in the market, what target market they should be going after, and even what to call the thing.

This was an exciting time to be in the conversation since it enabled our team to build the very foundations of the success that would follow for what we now know to be 2Degrees.

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