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About us.

Authentic. Passionate. Driven.

We help leading employers understand, articulate and share the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that best represents their culture and people. At the same time, we’ve been working to build the Employer Branding solutions our industry needs. 

Whether we're helping the world's leading brands, investing in the next generation of HR tech or developing our own, we believe we're at the forefront of human-centered design and the future of work.

Our history is unique.

Digital Affair was born out of a realisation that few potential competitors had actually worked in internal HR, Recruitment or Employer Brand roles.

Existing service providers were typically from Advertising or Media and so all the solutions being proposed were absent of any understanding of how Talent Acquisition operates, or what the candidate experience really requires an Employer Brand to achieve.

The industry needs to consult with one of their own and we fill that need. 

How we work.

We know every culture is different and we understand resources, capability and goals vary. So collaboration is key.

We have a history of partnering effectively with the teams we support and we think that comes down to three things:

1) We've been where you are
2) We know where we're going
3) We're open and transparent

Our commitment to our industry also extends to our investments in award winning HR Tech start-ups that now reach into over 50 countries, including the world’s first Employer Branding algorithm The Brand Scale™ and the world’s first Employer Branding video platform

Clear outcomes.


Randstad's Most
Desirable Employers


Excellence in Employer Branding:
Internal Talent Awards


LinkedIn's Most Attractive:
Food and Beverage


Decrease in
cost per application

Our services.

EVP research & development
Employer Branding toolkits
Employer Brand marketing
Employee advocacy
PX reporting & insights
Talent mapping & insights

Our founders.

Tim Mundy

Founder / Director

Originally a visual artist, Tim started Digital Affair after a successful career spanning Executive Search, Talent Acquisition and then Employer Branding with Crown Casino and Telstra, where he built a reputation for achieving huge recruitment cost and time savings by introducing digital marketing to the recruitment industry. 

Fast forward to today and the Digital Affair solution is a global leader in Employer Branding, sought out around the world for its unique services, with Tim widely considered one of the leading experts in the field. 

A prolific innovator and entrepreneur, Tim is also a Co-founder, Board Advisor and active investor in multi-award winning HR tech start-ups that now reach into over 50 countries. Passionate about sharing his insights with the next generation, Tim is an active mentor and regularly lectures on career advice at universities and colleges. Focused on giving back and building a better future, he also supports a wide range of charities and not-for-profits.

A highly experienced senior executive and consultant, Tim's focus at Digital Affair is on Business Development, Operations, Account Management and Consulting to national, global and Fortune 500 brands.

Shereen Mathew

Co-founder / Director

Shereen Mathew has spent her career helping complex organisations research and define the Employer Value Propositions they use to elevate their Employer Brands and open a window to their people and culture. With dual degrees in Marketing and Human Resources, as well as a vast amount of experience in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources and Employer Branding roles, Shereen is at the forefront of our industry and the leading, most qualified expert in EVP design in Australia and New Zealand. 

Having worked with Tim during their time at Crown Casino and Telstra, Shereen joined Digital Affair with the purpose of building an Employer Branding solution that was absent in the market. With experience across the whole People Experience, Shereen designs EVP architectures that are unique to every organisation, giving teams the tools to activate their employer brand strategically and consistently. 

A passionate female Founder, Shereen is the mind behind Digital Affair’s suite of Employer Branding Toolkits and is responsible for the development of our industry leading Talent Mapping and Research services.

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