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Actionable Reporting.

Track, measure & manage engagement.

Employer branding is a long term investment. Continuous improvement and optimisation of the people experience are the goals. A clear view is what will get you there. 

By learning from the past and present, we can better prepare for the future. At Digital Affair we have a big focus on data, as evidence informs strategy.

Mapping funnels and evidencing ROI, we can design a complete reporting solution for your Employer Brand.

A strategy driven by data.

Our reporting and recommendations provide a comprehensive summary of how your brand is performing across the entire people experience. We specialise in deriving insights from your advertising, messaging, social, careers site and ATS activity.

We use a combination of specialised web tools, reporting software and your internal systems to help you
comprehensively track, measure and manage your Employer Brand. 

We analyse your digital assets and translate data into actions that are aimed at achieving your talent attraction and engagement goals.

Optimise the people experience

Whether it's a monthly summary or an annual report, we'll uncover the insights you need.

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Our range of reporting options cover:

Social media reporting
Careers website reporting
Campaign activity
Content engagement and performance
Talent analytics and insights
Audience demographics

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