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Talent Insights.

Understand your audience.

Understanding what makes talent tick and click is essential to increasing candidate conversion.

At Digital Affair we pride ourselves on being the world's richest source of employer branding insights. 

For any employer, building high quality talent pools can have a huge impact on the time and costs associated with hiring and retaining talent. 

Connecting effectively with talent comes from knowing where to target your message and what your audience wants to hear.

Insights you can act on.

Our research methodologies leverage data and behavioral sciences as well as partnerships with leading talent platforms and data providers around the world. We discover and uncover actionable insights as we map talent communities online and within your organisation.

Findings turn into action as our research is developed into a toolkit of rich talent insights and recommendations. Defining your strategic workforce plan, our insights help pipeline a steady supply of talent and ensure your organisation's future growth and success.

Need insights on key talent?

From white paper industry reports to interpreting big data, we'll tell you what you need to know.

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Our insights cover:

Talent trend & flow charts
Talent drivers & behaviors
Employer brand analysis
Sourcing channel maps
Competitor analysis
Talent Personas

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