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Employer Branding.

Define & share your EVP.

We believe that Employer Value propositions should be agile and responsive – as organisations grow and the workforce changes, so too should your EVP.

For this reason, at Digital Affair we've developed our own methodology to ensure your EVP evolves inline with industry and organisational change. 

Where data meets creativity.

Distilling your EVP starts with research and analysis. It's important to build an understanding  of  your  People,  Culture and Talent Acquisition goals.

Employer Branding challenges vary greatly depending on industry, company size and brand maturity - we offer a broad range of solutions to these challenges:

  • Employer Value Proposition Research & Development
  • Employer Value Proposition Segmentation
  • Employer Value Proposition Localisation
  • Employer Value Proposition Review & Refresh

We connect our findings with your values, beliefs and mission to tell a transparent and honest story.

With your EVP defined, we produce a unique branding toolkit, communications framework and activation strategy to ensure your EVP finds and connects with its audience.

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Our toolkits include:

Messaging Frameworks
Communication templates
Ambassador guidelines
Social media guides & tools
Advertising templates
Brand guidelines

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