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Strategic Storytelling.

Build & manage brand advocacy.

Harnessing advocacy and proactively steering the direction of your employer brand is key to building engagement.

Talent attraction and engagement is successful when brands are strategic, consistent, transparent and authentic in their messaging.

The first touch points in your people experience are the most important.

The science behind great storytelling.

Each month people engage  with  your employees, glimpse your culture and connect to your brand. These connections occur on a variety of platforms and in a range of forums. Retaining these connections and forging new ones is the goal of employer branding.

We help you maintain a consistent approach to how you connect with talent by developing your content strategy and communications. With insight into what makes talent engage and click, we'll inform the direction and form your story takes.

Reach the right audience, in the right way, at the right time.

Need help activating your brand?

Get in touch to create a content solution that reacts to your brand's needs.

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Content we produce:

Social content & campaigns
Brand Ambassador profiles
Blogs and infographics
Website content
Internal and external communications
Creative & Design

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