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Maximise your people investment.

What we do.

Our LinkedIn services include:

Brand Ambassador profiles:

We’ll craft profiles for your leaders to share their story, build trust and demonstrate the authenticity of your brand via your people.

Group training sessions:

Detailed workshop on LinkedIn covering personal branding, building and managing profiles. We look at how to 'find, connect and engage' with your audience.

Rock Your Profile day:

We come to your office to show your people the basics of LinkedIn and make sure they’re sharing the company story consistently.

LinkedIn Review & Audit:

We’ll conduct a comprehensive team review to understand how key personnel are utilising the platform and ensure you’re maximising the return on your investment.

Why LinkedIn?

Harness the power of your people with our LinkedIn experts.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is the primary social platform for connecting with talent, sharing your employment brand, building an audience and showcasing your people.

Our data consistently shows that your audience wants to hear from leaders and peers within your organisation. People want to hear from advocates not brands, so we'll develop the LinkedIn profiles and personal brands of key influencers within your organisation to ensure your story is being told in an authentic way.

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We love meeting new people, working with amazing brands and investing in inspirational ideas.

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