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Personalised content and communications.

What we do.

Bringing automated marketing to HR

Our latest partnership is with content marketing and automation experts, Hubspot. Armed with world-leading content marketing and lead nurturing tools, we’re excited to be bringing the latest consumer marketing tactics to the world of HR and recruitment.

Optimise your candidate communication, build and nurture talent pools and develop a content strategy that activates your employer brand to attract the best in the market.

Using our unique combination of marketing expertise and HR experience, we’ll work with you to build a personalised funnel designed to attract, convert and nurture your ideal candidates.

Hubspot explained.

Hubspot is one of the world’s leading marketing automation software companies. They are often regarded as being responsible for popularising inbound content marketing, a strategy that is used extensively by businesses large and small.

Inbound is a marketing concept that focuses on offering audiences content and value as a way to build trust and generate leads. Hubspot offers a wide range of tools that help companies to build and automate the content marketing strategy, covering everything from content production and distribution to customised landing pages, personalised communications and contact list building.

As an agency partner, we help companies to implement Hubspot’s tools as a way attract great candidates, build talent pools and automate personalised, high-touch communication with key talent.

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