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We're committed to investing in the next generation of HR tech.

We've invested in some of our industry's leading entrepreneurs, helping them solve challenges across the people experience.

At Digital Affair we're constantly looking at what's next and what's missing, to help bring new tech solutions to old problems. It's an exciting time to be in our industry and we're proud to say we're at the heart of the digital disruption that's driving change.

Co-founders & Investors

Use the world's first Employer Branding algorithm to measure and manage your talent attraction and retention outcomes. Leverage data science to analyse external brand engagement and internal Human Resources metrics.

Diagnose and monitor your brand's performance, access educational resources and evidence your impact.

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Co-founders & Investors

VideoMyJob is a multi award-winning mobile-first platform that enables you to easily create, edit and share branded video job ads. 

Shoot and edit on your phone to take the cost, time and effort out of video production.

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Advisor & Investors

Multi award-winning Cardly enables you to send a personal, handwritten card or communication without lifting a pen. 

With Cardly’s business options, you can send beautiful branded cards to individuals or entire mailing lists – building greater engagement with your employees, clients, customers and partners. 

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