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EVP & Toolkit.

Your Employment Value Proposition will be born out of a real understanding of your current state and future goals. We believe that employment brands should be agile and responsive – as organisations grow and change, so should their EVP.

For this reason, at Digital Affair we've developed our own methodology to ensure your EVP is responsive to industry and organisational changes. Our approach is data lead and your EVP will reflect the real time insights that we uncover.

Our approach:

Distilling your EVP starts with research. We build an understanding of employee sentiment and our aspirations for the future through consultation with senior leaders, focus group discussions with employee groups, and a survey of the wider employee population.

Using this, we’ll connect our findings with your values, beliefs and customer strategy to distill your employment value proposition, and a messaging matrix that will enable your recruitment function to best communicate the career proposition at your organisation.

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